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Have You Lost Your Taste for Worship? How to Light the Fire Again

light the fire

The heart is a heavy wood, sitting in a hearth, cold and waiting. Worship is a fire that sets it ablaze. Like you, I’m living into many lessons these days. Some are old lessons I’ve needed to re-learn, and others are new lessons in which I need to master surrender. Worship is an old lesson for me. It’s the oldest lessons that are often the very best lessons. I learned anew how to light the fire of worship.

Yesterday morning I spent an hour ministering to the Lord. Yes, that’s a phrase I’m going to start using again, old school as it may sound to some.

Light the Fire – Again


I don’t tell you that I spent an hour in worship to sound like a hero. In fact, I felt anything but as I entered the time. And spending an hour in worship, “ministering to the Lord,” is not just for worship leaders. I had the benefit of being able to take my instrument with me into that space. But if I didn’t have it, or couldn’t play, I’d find another way.

Another way to minister to the Lord.

He was there. I was there. And my attention was on blessing Him with the 60 minutes available to me.

I didn’t ask for a blessing this time; I wanted me to leave that place having blessed, praised, adored, and thanked, my Lord.

It’s interesting; in a world bent on declaring human relationships to be the ceiling of transcendence, even many in Christ’s Body have begun to think that ministry to one another is the end all and be all of faith.

I don’t know that because I’m guessing; I know it from the words I hear being used.

Thin ice is about to be tread upon. But I do so with great confidence.

Ministry to people is not the end goal of faith.

It never was.

It never is.

It never will be.

This idea matters, very, very much to the follower of Jesus.

I’m not saying that ministry to people, in all its forms, does not matter. My goodness, no. It matters, very much.

But it’s not of ultimate importance, nor is it to be of ultimate focus, no matter how much it feels like it is. And on this basic, biblically unrivaled truth the Church has stumbled and fallen for millennia until we find ourselves in seasons of confusion, cynicism, and bitterness—and we slowly drift from our First Love and First Priority.


As far as we know, we will cross the line of this life into the next with not even one person on our arm, even those most dear to us. They may hail our boat as it leaves shore, but we leave this life alone (but not lonely, as Bonhoeffer would say).

Please hear me; all our relationships matter, and the Gospel compels us, by love, into the world to see what our Father is doing and to do it right along with Him. Things need to be fixed, families need to be renewed, love needs to be lavish, justice needs to be lifted, care and friendship must be nurtured. Yes, yes, yes.

But our primary relationship is the only one that will actually heal us, deliver us, restore us, minister to us, and free us from all manner of shackle and hell.

I’m not enough to heal the world. Neither are you. And, in contrast to the idealists of our time, neither are we in our collective humanity. That kind of thinking presumes we’re all unbent, unmarred, able to be our best selves without help. It’s not true. Sin runs, its been said, like a crimson mark through each one of us; just when I’ve judged another, I see my own crimson in the mirror running alongside my great glory as an image-bearer of God.

I will one day walk into the presence of Jesus, look into His eyes, and understand.

We think we’ll have a gaggle of questions to ask Him upon passing through the veil. I’m increasingly convinced we won’t have those questions once we step into eternity.

We’ll look into the eyes of love, of Eternal Ecstasy and Joy Incarnate, and learn the vocabulary of Heaven in that instant:

“Oh.” There it is. The entry vocabulary of Heaven.

We will simply understand, and we’ll have eternity to explore that unhindered awareness of Love Manifest.


Many followers of Jesus, in the disorientations of the last year(s), are losing their capacity and connection to worship. It happens honestly enough: we forget how to cooperate with the Spirit to light the fire.

For many reasons, we simply find ourselves outside of environments in which rich worship is curated, experienced, shared, and infused with the Spirit’s life. We don’t pursue it; it used to pursue us, or at least be provided by our weekly habits and communities.

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Dan Wilt, M.Min. is an artist, author, musician, educator, songwriter, communicator, and spiritual life writer. With 20+ years in the Vineyard family of churches, he serves in various ways to further a “New Creation” centered vision of the Christian life through media.