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12 Sabbath Ideas for a Richer 7th-day Experience

In honoring a weekly Sabbath, we restore our awareness of what must be true in our lives in order for joy to abound. In a constant mode of acquisition and achievement, creation and compensation, we dull our sense of time—its passing, its sanctity, its gifts.

The Sabbath is the ritual culmination of each week in celebration of God’s Love, enduring purposes, and sovereignty over our time. It is a day to feast in recognition of eternity-in-time (Heschel), and to celebrate the New Creation Christ brings and is bringing.

12 Sabbath Ideas for a Richer 7th-day Experience

  1. Join with your faith community in worship and fellowship (koinonia)
  2. Enjoy food you would not enjoy on any other day of the week
  3. Sleep in; take a nap
  4. Take a walk through a beautiful place (nature, or another place)
  5. Walk slowly and gratefully around the perimeter of your home/yard, and thank God for all that happens within it
  6. Call family or friends you haven’t spoken to in awhile, simply to encourage them
  7. Rest your mind—power down your devices
  8. Rest your body—walk slowly, take your time, be deliberate about the little things
  9. Light a candle to mark the 8, 12, or 24 hour period
  10. Speak only positive truths (let negativity and fear have the day off)
  11. Do easy things, rather than hard things
  12. Laugh (you’ll have to figure this one out!)

As well, consider filling your home with beautiful, peaceful music that is either worship oriented or instrumental. Quiet your spirit and soak in eternal truths.

I hope these ideas help you in your Sabbath journey, and you can apply some of theme in your 24-hour Sabbath this week.


This article on Sabbath ideas originally appeared here, and is used by permission.