How To Be A Great Backup Singer

4. Don’t drown out the worship leader’s vocals. 

They’re called background vocals for a reason: stay in the background! Your job is to support the worship leader, not to draw away from the melody with either excessive volume or stylization.

Keep it simple. We don’t need Mariah Carey, we need you. A simplified version of you.

5. Learn to sing harmony properly 

Learn harmony by singing ALL the parts on all your favorite worship songs along with the recording. Generally there is ONE correct alto part and ONE correct tenor part. The harmony always follows the shape of the melody, usually in parallel thirds and fourths. Don’t get too crazy. Keep it clean.

6. Listen to the recordings your worship leader sent out

Learn your part and the other parts. When you show up for practice, the worship leader shouldn’t have to teach you your part. Come prepared!

7. Learn to worship as you sing

Smile, worship, move, develop great stage presence. Be a worshipper on and off the stage.

Don’t get offended when someone gives you tips to improve your voice and role as a backup singer. We’re all on a journey of improving our musical craft. Keep growing! Stay humble! Work hard; the Lamb is worthy.


This article about how to be a great backup singer originally appeared here, and is used by permission.

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