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4 Engagement Tips for Easter Sunday (Using a Church App!)

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Easter is right around the corner! You’ve probably spent the last weeks (or months!) planning for how to engage with your community on this momentous weekend. Did you know that your church app can play a huge part in those plans? We’re not here to throw a wrench into the hard work your team has already completed, but we wanted to share a few ways you can use the Subsplash Platform to come alongside the strategies you already have in place. Let’s take a look:

Ways to Best Engage People Using a Church App

  1. Announce your church app from the stage.
    Want people to engage with your content post-Easter weekend? Let them know about your app! It’s very likely that most people coming through your doors own a smartphone…77 percent of American adults do, according to Pew Research. A simple plug from the stage allows every person to know where they can go to stay connected. It’s quick, easy, and provides a great on-ramp to keeping your gospel content in front of your community. We’ve found that churches that announce the app from the stage tend to see better engagement on mobile, including both Church of the City and Hillside Community Church — click the links to learn more about each church’s experience.
  2. Go digital.
    Want to go green AND enable people to connect with your church, even after your services? Add your connect card and bulletin to the app! Visitors can submit information via the app at any point, and now their notes will live on their phone. Our friends at Calvary Chapel Worship Center in Portland went completely digital with their bulletins and connect cards, and were able to save thousands of dollars in the process. Even better, they saw engagement increase with digital bulletins! Learn more about their story here.
  3.  Use push notifications.
    Push notifications are easy to schedule, and they receive a significantly higher open rate than your email blasts. Tap into this tool to keep more people in the loop during Holy Week and the weeks following. Here are just a few ideas of push notifications you can send to your community in the coming weeks:
    – Reminder of service times and weekend event schedules-Share a Bible verse/devotion to prepare people’s hearts for your service-Encouragement to invite a friend to church

    -Share your Sunday bulletin

    -Share Sunday’s sermon and any other follow-up materials after your service.

  4. Refresh your church app.
church app

Keep both members and visitors coming back to your app by adding a fresh new look! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our new custom app layouts, which are available to all Subsplash clients. You can now customize your app on a deeper level than ever before, even down to adjusting the margins on each page! Contact your Client Success Manager to learn more about new layouts.

We are praying that God would use all of your hard work and preparation to draw people to himself, and we can’t wait to hear stories of all the amazing things he does through your ministry! Happy Easter to all!

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