Around the World: Global Worship Websites

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
When you get to the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship site, click on the continent and that takes you to lists of song collections and other resources from different parts of the globe. 

Here are two excellent introductions to global Christian worship in theory and practice:

Ethnodoxology: Calling all peoples to worship in their heart language
Ethnodoxology: Joining God in Every Culture

Michael Hawn
Michael Hawn’s massive web site of books, periodicals, internet resources, and more 

Global Worship
Global worship songs and reference materials. : Books, Music Collections, Taize Commuity, Iona Community, CD Recordings, 

World of Worship
This site has huge amounts of resource materials related to ethnic and global worship. Those who join ICE, The International Council of Ethnodoxologists, have access to even more materials at the site. 

Heart Sounds
This site includes links to an entire You Tube channel of global worship clips, reports and adventures of mobile, field-recording teams that have traversed the planet capturing indigenous worship, audio sound bites of worship from the nations and much more. 

Ethnic Harvest
Multicultural hymnals, books and resources 

Some Global Song Collections

Halle, Halle: We Sing the World Around
Songs from the World Church, compiled and written by C. Michael Hawn, Choristers Guild, 1999. This multicultural songbook contains 36 selections from Africa, Latin America, and Asia.  The Teacher’s Edition includes a brilliant essay on Global Song as well as ways to use the collection. Each song has an intro including cultural and theological intros to each song and performance suggestions. Also available is an accompanying CD. Further info available here.

In Every Corner Sing
Songs of God’s World
Royal School of Church Music, UK, 
Available from GIA 2008 
This collection comes from 45 nations and regions. Very useful is the permission to reproduce songs in the collection if you have a CCLI license. Among the indexes is a complete performance guide for each song. The book comes bundled with an MP3 accompaniment CD of all 99 songs. Go here to hear a podcast intro of the book by Geoff Weaver, the editor. 

World Praise 2 
Lifeway Press, 2000
Edited by David Peacock. 
This excellent songbook was premiered at the Baptist World Congress held in Melbourne, Australia. Included are 108 songs in both original language with English translation, as well as a supplement of songs from Australia. Songs come from 47 nations and include performance suggestions. The resource includes an introduction by J. Nathan Corbitt that is both concise yet quite a comprehensive review of global song, and includes cultural, congregational as well as musical ways to prepare the songs. 

The collection is a revision of the much larger World Praise–Jubilate Hymns. Marshall Pickering, 1995 which includes 218 songs. The collection also includes many of the more well-known American and British hymns and choruses, as well as a helpful thematic index. 

Global Praise 1, 2 and 3
Gen Board of Global Ministries, UMC, GBGMusik revision 2000, cf.                        
The General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church have provided churches with a library of excellent global song resources.  Additionally, the library includes program and resource materials as well as recordings of several of the songbooks for use with congregations to introduce the materials to churches. 

Visit here to see more. 

See Also: 
Africa Praise 1998 
Carribean Praise,  2000  
Russian Praise, 2000
Tenemos Esperanza 2002

Sing with the World, Global Songs for Children 2008
Wild Goose Resource Group, 
Iona Community
Available from GIA 2008 
This 24-song collection mentions they are not primarily children’s songs but that children and adults will enjoy singing them. The book comes with an accompaniment CD. Each of the 24 songs has a thorough introduction showing the theme, performance suggestions and even includes a map for instant geographical location of each song. 

Many and Great
Wild Goose Resource Group
Iona Community.
Twenty-five beautiful songs from the World Church with an emphasis on Africa. 
Available from GIA.

One Is the Body

Wild Goose Resource Group
Info here 

Sent by the Lord
Wild Goose Resource Group
Info here  

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