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Micromanagement and Trust: What Are You Doing About It?

Take a moment to evaluate those directly under your authority.

Do you give them freedom to lead their areas of ministry?
Do you trust their decisions?
Do you publicly AND privately support their leadership?
Do you have a relationship that is building trust between you and the person you supervise?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may find yourself over managing (or micromanaging) one or more leaders under your direction.

Capable? Many leaders micromanage because the person they are leading is not capable of leading their area of ministry on their own. Their decisions are not wise decisions or do not follow what is best for the organization. So, over time, the supervisor begins to take more and more of the decision making role. If you feel you are micromanaging someone, ask yourself some hard questions. Evaluate the relationship and the position. You may need to make a change.

Wrong Position? There are many individuals who are just not in the right position. They have a great work ethic, but it is just not the best for the organization for them to be in their position. Supervisors will begin to micromanage this person until a change is made. Carefully look at those under your authority and be sure they are in the right position. Again, you may need to make a change.

Trust? ~ If you are confident that those under your authority are capable of doing their job and are in the right position, then you MUST begin building trust. Trust builds confidence and confidence builds success in the organization. Leaders must be working toward greater trust in letting those under their authority lead. In other words, let go of the small decisions and help leaders make wise decisions — wise decisions that move toward the goals and direction of the church or organization.

If you are a strong leader, you will constantly be moving —–
– moving toward greater trust or less trust
– moving toward letting go or tightening your grip of control

When you stop moving forward (moving in the right direction for what is best for your organization), it is time to ask if YOU are in the right position.

– Get away from everyone and every interruption.
– Evaluate each person under your authority.
– Determine how you can be a stronger leader.
– Focus on good communication.
– Begin moving forward.

It won’t be easy, but you will become a stronger leader by doing so.