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5 Signs You’re Part of an Unhealthy Church

3. You Are Comfortable, but Never Convicted.

If you are attending a church and you have:

a) never been convicted,

b) never been offended in your sin when the Gospel is preached or taught,

hightail it out of there!

It is very dangerous when a church’s preaching and teaching team operates in what I call the “Ren and Stimpy Theology.” What I mean by this is every sermon and lesson that comes from the preaching/teaching team is always “happy, happy, joy, joy,” but there are never heart-piercing, convicting messages that will challenge people.

Church shouldn’t be designed to just make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, but church should be there to bring conviction through the Word of God to bring correction in a person’s life.

Additionally, if your church is not balanced in its teaching, your walk with God becomes stunted; you will not grow.

If you have ever had to go to a hospital to get better, then you know that most times in your healing process, there is pain involved.

It’s the same thing with church; your healing process won’t be joyful all the time. There will be and should be times you are broken, convicted and offended in your sin.