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How Loneliness Can Kickstart Innovation

There’s something about innovation that is so invigorating. 

New ideas excite us – dreaming gives us that little thrill of the possibility.  We can sit for hours at coffee shops and discuss our plans with any open ear.

As entrepreneurs, ideas fuel our creativity and passion. They get us out of bed eager to meet a new day and drive us to work late nights.

But what happens when the idea doesn’t come together like we hoped it might? What happens when people stop listening and the passion starts to fade?

I think this is probably a common experience for most innovators. The passion that drives the idea can fade as obstacles come into our path or friends’ enthusiasm wanes.

I’m sure you’ll find great advice on many of these areas as our community explores this topic, but one hard lesson that I’ve had to learn over the years is that choosing to move your idea forward might mean choosing a path that can feel very lonely at times.

If you are going to have the space in your life to make your ideas happen, it’s going to mean that you have to say no to a lot of things in order to say yes to the thing you believe in. I’ve found that in my life, this can bring seasons that feel very lonely.