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5 Things Church Leaders Can Learn from Infomercials

3. Products are given validity through endorsements.

An informercial might cost $25,000 to produce, and another $25,000 might be paid to a celebrity endorser. That’s because endorsements from people we know (or think we know) matter.

What if you took a video camera and interviewed a business leader or political leader? Imagine the power of a video from a local leader saying, “My name is Joe Smith, and I’m the mayor of AnywhereTown. I don’t attend Cross Church, but I’m thankful for all you guys do in our community. You really do make our town a better place. Thank you for being involved.”

4. They show the product working in real life settings.

Yeah, you’re going to see a knife cut a penny in half, but you’re also going to see it slice a tomato.

When it comes to church finances, you’ve got to show people where the money goes. From time to time, hold up a dollar bill and let people know what happens when they give it. Show how someone’s donations are working in the community, in the children’s ministry, or around the world.

Don’t just say, “You’re making a difference.” Show them the difference!

5. They provide a clear call to action.

The call to action is the most important moment in an infomercial…it can literally make or break a product. It’s the moment when the dots are connected, and you pick up the phone or visit the Web site.

When it comes to church finances, volunteer sign up, or small group launches, you may think you’re being clear, but there’s a good chance that your call to action is week. You’ve got to ask people for something specific. You’ve got to provide specific directions and stop assuming that people will act when they are ready. Give people a clear and compelling action step.  

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