Do You Worship Your Church? 4 Questions You Need to Ask

There is a fine line between loving your church and worshiping your church.

Worshiping your church hurts people. It will hurt you and people around you.

So how do you know if you are worshiping your church?

You might be worshiping your church if …

1. You expect too much from your church.

There is no place for sin in your church. It is valid to be saddened by sin; but you are crushed and disillusioned by it.

You want your church to be sinless. You do not see the righteousness of Jesus covering your sinful church.

Sinners (i.e., everybody) feel judged by you.

You are unwilling to forgive people or show them grace.

You punish people with messy lives.

Sadly, where there is no room for sin, there is also no room for Jesus. Jesus didn’t come for the righteous but for sinners (Matt. 9:13).

2. You expect too little from your church.

You are too comfortable with sin in your church. You understand the importance of God’s grace, but you don’t believe in its power.

You don’t expect yourself to change.

You don’t expect people to change.

You don’t expect your church to make much of a difference in the world.

You are regularly bored at church and people feel like they can’t depend on you. You ignore the messiness in people’s lives.

Sadly, where there is no room for holiness, there is also no room for Jesus. Jesus cannot be powerful enough to forgive us unless he is also powerful enough to change us (Rom. 6:1-4).

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David Lee
David Lee pastors New Life Fremont, a church plant in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his spare time he dates his wife, plays with his three children, discusses philosophy and theology at local bars and cafes, and blogs.

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