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Rock Concerts in the Rain, Middle-Aged Football Fans, and True Worship

I’ve watched this video more times this week than I can count on both hands. 

It’s not the song or even the band. It’s the … worship? 

I don’t know what you feel when you watch it—I feel all kinds of emotions but mostly confusion.  

What are they doing? Can’t they tell it’s raining? What’s wrong with these people? Why are they so passionate? 

Hands in the air. Shirts off. Screaming voices. Clapping. Good dancing. Bad dancing. Kids dancing. Old people dancing. White people dancing. Black people dancing. Did I mention it’s pouring rain?

Why are they so passionate? That’s the question I asked Andy our student pastor at my church. Why are they so passionate? Love his answer … 

Because they love the Goo Goo Dolls. 

That’s it isn’t it? They love the Goo Goo Dolls and because they love the Goo Goo Dolls they ‘worshipped’. 

I know that’s not what we think of when we think of “worship” but trust me, it’s worship. I mean, what else do you call people singing, dancing and waving their arms in the air (did I mention it’s raining?)? 

It’s worship and I love it. I do. I love this video because it breaks open the boxes we try to fit humans in when it comes to worshiping God.

Be honest, isn’t it so easy to excuse people out of being passionate about God?  

  • Well they are traditional (so they don’t express themselves).
  • We are charismatics (so we express passion).
  • They are just young college students (that’s why they are going nuts).
  • He’s a doctor who makes a million a year (that’s why he’s got his arms folded every week).
  • That’s a black church (and since black people are naturally more “expressive” …) etc., etc. 

You know what I think when I watch that video? Same thing I think when I watch sporting events. 

Worship transcends all demographics, personalities and cultures. 

Go ahead and watch the video again. And this Monday during the national championship game, pay attention to the stands. Watch the people. 

  • Watch traditional people express passion like charismatics. 
  • Watch OLD people with painted faces out jump the young fans in the students section. 
  • Watch reserved white folks who can’t hold a beat out-dance their black friends. 
  • Look in the stands and see if you can tell which of the crazy fans wearing the same jersey is a rich doctor and who is a poor janitor. 

It’s true, isn’t it? Worship does transcend all demographics, personalities and cultures. 

The crazy thing is, to most of us, the kind of worship in this video is viewed as very normal until we step into the church world.

Can I be honest with you? That REALLY bugs me. It does.

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Sammy grew up in Nigeria. He is currently the Young Adult Pastor at North Point Church. He's also a national speaker for The Mocha Club. He lives in Ohio with his wife Ashley, daughter Bebe and saint bernards MJ and Milo.