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Why Generosity Is Not a Moment, But a Lifestyle

We have a dog named Daisy. Daisy has taught me multiple lessons on friendship, attitude and true love. It is true that a dog is man’s best friend, and Daisy resembles that. 

The latest lesson from Daisy is about generosity. Daisy always has something to give.

Every morning, when I let Daisy out into the yard, she runs and leaps out the door. I marvel at her desire to run into life and leap into her day. Daisy wakes up every day ready to give her life and energy to others.

I wonder what life would yield to us if we lived every day like Daisy!

Daisy is generous. Generous people energize me. I have noticed there are few truly generous people in life, and, personally, I am learning to develop this trait.

Although I am considered generous in my circle, I always feel I could give more.

We might think there are few generous people in the world because of a lack of resources. However, generosity is never about how much you have, but about how you live. In others words, generosity is not a moment or an event, but a lifestyle.

Winston Churchill wisely said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Generosity is defined as a readiness or liberality in giving. Generosity means much more than giving wealth. It includes being generous with our attitudes, emotions, thoughts, ideas, time and talents, including our treasures.

Here are a few stats about America and generosity.

  • The most generous (by percentage) are the least prosperous.
  • The most wealthy give less than 2 percent of their income to charity.

Generosity does not come naturally for most of us. Life says get all you can, can all you get, and sit on the can. Some would even consider generosity a supernatural way to live.

Generosity is not a moment or an event, but a lifestyle.

Here are a few thoughts on generosity.