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7 Ways to Use Vine in Your Worship Ministry

Vine is a a mobile service that lets you create and share short six-second looping videos.

Will it last? 

Most videos are a little quirky, but there are many ways to use this app in ministry and missions:

1. Praise Team Rehearsal

It’s always good to show what goes on at a rehearsal, but for most, six seconds will be just enough to show the song set.

2. Show New Tech Equipment

When a new shiny piece of equipment arrives at your church, it’s time to show people how it works by filming a series of three two-second clips.

3. Behind the Scenes With the Tech Team or Pastoral Staff

Any behind the scenes video is a hit, but a short video to show what happens behind the scenes will be viewed.

4. Promo for the Weekend

How can you do a promo in six seconds? Here is a sample recipe: Show the sermon graphic and tell them why they should attend.

5. What to Expect When Attending

This is a great video for your first-time guests, you can show parking, seating options and facilities.

6. A Day in the Life of Pastor

Who doesn’t want to know what a pastor does during the day. Use vine to capture  short clips of what you do.

7. Children’s Ministry Clips

Everyone loves looking at videos of children. You can show having fun, making sounds and faces, and anything is possible here.

Vine shouldn’t be used to attempt to get an entire message across, but it should be used as a conversation starter and to get people curious about your ministry. If used creatively, vine will spur curiosity that will hopefully turn into a visit to your church.

Here’s a great example of Vine being used for mission trips too!

How do you use vine?

Have you used it for ministry at your church?  

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