Why You Should Homeschool

Because homeschooling is what lets you guard and protect your child’s heart and optimally mold their character in a dark and fallen world.

I cannot say this strongly enough.

I hope and pray and that every parent will consider homeschooling their child at least through the most pivotal years, which to my thinking, is late elementary and middle school years.  

It’s what allows you to optimally shape their spiritual life, and pour into it without contest during those years when there should be no contest.

It’s what lets you insulate them from the world before their maturity is ready to engage it on their own.

It’s what lets you pick their friends and control the nature, speed and context of their broader socialization.

We live in a day of underprotective parenting. Our culture has declared war on children in so many ways. Homeschooling is one of the ways we can fight back.

And if you want to know how much our children are at risk in terms of peer relationships, the media and more—and how active parenting must be in our day—please get hold of “The Under Protective Parent” series. It’s available as an mp3 as well as manuscript on the Message Downloads page of ChurchandCulture.org.

To this day, I believe it may be the most prophetic series I’ve ever delivered at Meck.

I do not believe homeschooling is for everyone, nor the mark of whether you are a good parent.

I know there can be economic barriers to homeschooling. Others may feel they are not qualified or temperamentally suited to the task.