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Don’t Feed the Dragons at Your Church

1. It could be hard to recruit top leaders.

Leaders can tell when a church is “top-heavy” with this kind of baggage.

2. Donor fatigue could set in.

Donors want to see forward motion.

3. Staff could be demotivated.

Who wants to devote their time and talent to something increasingly outdated?

4. Lethargy could settle into your congregation.

A “here we go again” culture can quickly develop.

5. You could find yourself at risk of burnout.

Burnout doesn’t come from working hard. It comes from working hard and not producing results.

None of this is to say that buildings are bad or that traditions should be avoided.

But you need to ruthlessly examine the flow of resources for which you are accountable, and identify those which are moving your church forward, and those which are merely dragon-feeders.

Consider placing this at the top of your agenda for your next lead team or board retreat. Ask your key leaders, “What are the dragons in our church … and why are we feeding them?”

Because if you want to move your church forward, you might need to slay a few of these.

What are the dragons in your church?  

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