When Truth is an Enemy of Love

Truth is an enemy of love?

Yes, not infallible Truth (i.e., the bodily resurrection), but rather our perception of truth.

Most arguments I have been in or witnessed are a battle between two different views of what is true.

We are first and foremost called to be like, therefore to love like, God. That means we must be willing to sacrifice and lay down what we consider the “truth” for the sake of the other feeling loved by us.

Give up your right to be right.

In the end, isn’t that what Jesus did?

Didn’t Jesus, being completely in the right, lay down his right to be right? Remember? He said, “Into your hands, I commit.”

Jesus laid down his right to be right.

Was Jesus right?

Absolutely. He had done nothing wrong. He was exactly who he said he was. He wasn’t blaspheming God. He could have done something about it too. But, he gave up his right to be right.


Jesus knew that love had to prevail. Jesus knew that, ultimately, being ‘right’ isn’t the goal.

Love is the goal.

Are you right?

Probably not. Most of our arguments today can be solved (with our spouse, our children, other believers, etc.) if we’ll give up our right to be ‘right.’ Sure, hold tight to the few things that are infallible truths, but for the rest, you may not be ‘right’ anyway.

Give it up. It’ll promote love a lot more.  

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