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7 Ways to Battle Leadership LONELINESS

If you are in leadership long enough, there will be days when you simply feel you are all alone and no one understands.

You may feel overwhelmed. Unappreciated. Misunderstood. And alone in all of it.

Christian leader, don’t think of yourself as “less spiritual” on those days. Think of yourself as human. Remind yourself that Elijah felt that way at times. So did the Apostle Paul. Jesus sweated drops of blood in his humanity.

Lonely days in leadership will come. I wrote about them HERE. I also addressed this issue for pastors HERE.

Most likely, those are emotional responses to your circumstances and not based on truth, but they are real. But, what do you do in those days?

Here are seven suggestions:

1. Talk to God.

Be honest with your loneliness. That’s what Elijah did. Better yet, listen to God. Hear His perspective. It trumps yours.

2. Rest.

These days tend to come more often when we are tired. On a recent day like this, I stopped and took a short nap. I was energized when I returned.

On more severe times, you may need to get away for a longer period. Schedule a night at home and go to bed early.

I also find that sometimes it isn’t rest, but exercise I need. When I am not rested or as healthy as I could be it makes me feel more easily tired and more quickly overwhelmed with life.

3. Phone a friend.

I have a few friends I can always count on to encourage me. Granted, you have to be that kind of friend to have one, and the time to build those friendships is before you need them, but, “That’s what friends are for.” (Now you’re singing that song aren’t you?)

Allow your friend to help you see a proper perspective on your day. It’s probably better than you are currently feeling.

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