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Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Like Your Church

2. Your Vision is Too Generic.

Having a large vision is one thing, but if it is a generic vision, it will likely die.

God’s vision for Abraham was big, but it was also specific. He told Abraham: “Go to the land I will show you.”

At times, God is not always specific with us, but that’s OK. He’s God. But, what I do find interesting is how God treated Paul on the mission field. Paul listened to Jesus when he said, “You’ll be my witness even to the ends of the earth,” (big vision) and then listened to the Spirit as he continued to instruct Paul where to go and where not to go. It is amazing to watch how specific the Spirit was with Paul as he listened and relied on God (Acts 16).

What we’ll see in churches is that their vision is: “We want to glorify God in all the earth.” Well, thanks? It is a big vision, but I can frankly do that without being connected to your specific church.

Give us some handles on what you mean.

When Soma Communities says, “We want to see 3,000 missional communities in the Puget Sound area,” this gives me so much information right up front. I see a big vision: a number that they desire to attain. I also see the means by which they are going to see disciples made: missional communities.

The vision tells folks how they plan on glorifying God in the earth. You don’t necessarily need to see a number, but put some sort of descriptive handles so we aren’t left to wander.

It’d be like me trying to secure a loan for my business and saying: “We want to be the best company in the whole world!” How? By being the best. Where? The world. Ridiculous. Entrepreneurs need specific vision.

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Seth McBee is the adopted son of God, husband of one wife, and father of three. He’s a graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a finance degree. By trade Seth is an Investment Portfolio Manager, serving as president of McBee Advisors, Inc as well as a missional community leader, preaching elder with Soma Communities in Renton, Washington, and executive team member of the GCM Collective.