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10 Things People in the Pews are Thinking

1. “Awe man. I like the other worship leader better … ”
2. “She/He ALWAYS sits right here! Why are they not here? Ugh. Why did I even come to church?”
3. “What is the worship leader pointing at? All I see is the roof?”
4. “3 … 2 … 1 … CameraShootsUpTheNeckOfTheGuitarNowGo!!!”
5. “Ugh. She asked me to lift my hands. No. I’m not gonna do it.”
6. “Wow. Like 75 percent of the people in here are lifting their hands. OK. I give in.”
7. Immediately after worship leader screams, “Are you guys excited to be here this morning??!!!!!” and immediately after two people clap and kinda yelp … ”whoop” … they think … ”It’s early man. Relax.”
8. “She REALLY needs to not bounce like that … ”
9. “I. Seriously. Don’t. Know. Any. Of. These. Songs.”
10. “I don’t care what the live record sounds like. I’m not gonna WOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH.”

Any others?