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Don’t Like Church? You Might Be Doing It Wrong

I write a lot about how churches can improve, but I wonder how we can be better members?

Maybe it’s not the church, maybe it’s us …

I spent some time recently studying the life of Mephibosheth for a sermon. If you don’t know his story, take a minute to read it here.

When we meet Mephibosheth, things are not going well. He is a fugitive from King David because, as Saul’s only surviving grandson, he is a threat to the throne. If David even mentions him to Joab, he is a deadman. I can hear Joab saying, “It’s not personal, Bo, it’s just business” as he plunges his sword into Mephibosheth’s gut.

He has lived under this threat since he was five years old. He’s also been crippled from the age of five when his nanny fell on him trying to escape after his father and grandfather were killed in battle. Imagine how Bo feels when he finds out David has summoned him to his palace.

But David doesn’t kill Bo.

He made a promise to Bo’s father that he would protect his family and he intends to keep that promise. He lifts the threat of death from Bo’s life, he gives Saul’s land to Bo’s family and he invites Bo to join him at the King’s table every night for dinner.

For the rest of his life, Bo is invited to sit at the King’s table, his crippled feet hidden from view, a man among men sharing a meal as a son of the King.

I wonder how Bo feels each night as he limps to the table.

Does he criticize the way the appetizer is prepared?

Send the soup back to be reheated?

Complain that every meal is kosher, couldn’t they have sushi once in a while?

I imagine Bo is reminded each night as he sits down to dinner that before David’s free offer of grace, he was hopeless and helpless. He is likely blown away that he is an invited guest at the table of the King, not because of any good on his part, but only because of the King’s promise made long before he was born.

I doubt Bo is critical of the experience, he is so grateful just to be invited.

The application is obvious; I am Bo, you are Bo.

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Geoff has served on the leadership teams at Seacoast Church and Saddleback Church, and as Managing Director of Exponential. He is the author of several books, including Together: A Guide for Couples in Ministry written with his wife Sherry. Along with writing, Geoff coaches churches and leaders around the U.S. and in Europe. Geoff lives in Denver, Colorado. Twitter: @geoffsurratt