6 Ways to Jumpstart Creativity

It’s been just over three weeks since Super Bowl. That weekend, our eyes were transfixed on a sea of creativity.

Bruno Mars, tearing up his performance on the biggest stage in the world.

A ready Seahawks defense, rendering Peyton Manning immobile.

U2, releasing a new single via a multimillion dollar commercial.

All over the place—from cameras to cornerbacks to coaches and commercials, we were inundated with creativity in varied forms.

When we consider creativity, our thinking often wanders to the large stages. We think on the big crowds. We marvel over the final product.

When we think of that—part of us gives up on our own creativity.

We think:

  • “I’m just not creative. I don’t have the ideas like so and so.”
  • “I could never do what he does.”
  • “I don’t know where to begin.”
  • “My work just isn’t that good. No one will like it.”

I doubt it.

Truth is, we all have creative potential. The question is whether you’ve cultivated it or not.

For the most part, creativity is often relegated to the musicians, painters, photographers and other artsy-types. But in honesty, creativity isn’t about any particular craft or vocation.

Creative people create. They problem solve. They look at the world and create something that reflects what they see. Creativity could be applied to business and ministry just as much as it could your easel and paints.

Creativity is about consistency, not inspiration.

Creativity needs to be cultivated, no one is born with it.

Six Tips to Help Jumpstart Your Creativity

Here are few tips to help jumpstart your creativity.

1. Change Your Thinking—Stop thinking in terms of “right” and “wrong.” If you make a mistake, think of it in terms of possibility. What did you learn from said “mistake”?

2. Try New Things—When was the last time you did something new? Picked up a new instrument? Tried a new location? Crafted something out of the ordinary? Take a risk and do something new.

3. Create Early—Whether you’re a morning person or not, you owe it to yourself to try the early hours. Even just to see what all the hoopla is about. I’ve found that my mind is freshest in the early morning, before it gets filled with other people’s agendas and the stresses of the day.

4. Experiment With a Daily Ritual—The daily lives of history’s most creative people are routinely boring. Take a sneak peak in Mason Curry’s great book Daily Rituals: How Artist’s Work to see how many of them order their day.

5. Surround Yourself With Creative People—Oftentimes our creativity stagnates because we don’t surround ourselves with creative people taking creative risks. This should be real people you hang out with, as well as those you look up to through social media. Believe it or not, Twitter can be a great place to be inspired by other’s work. As long as you use it as fuel to get your creative juices flowing.

It’s time to hear from you guys.

How is your creativity doing? Are you in a stale season or are you thriving?  

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David Santistevan
David is a Worship Pastor at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA.