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Worship Is Not a Spectator Sport: Increase Your Church’s Participation

4. Worship leadership

The person leading worship is a leader. It’s easy to focus on vocals and music ability, which is certainly important, but we title them a “leader” for a reason.

If we want people in our church to sing, we must ensure our worship leaders lead with excellence.

5. Personal participation

A culture of singing tells people it’s OK to sing, so as the lead pastor, I sit on the front row every week and sing away to help set the tone.

Luckily, it’s loud enough that nobody hears my terrible voice and leaves (see # 2!).

6. Quality matters

In our media driven society, the quality of worship matters more than ever. But the quality of sound is less important than the quality of authenticity.

Worship should be real. We should be real.

And we must display authenticity.

7. Design a journey

The worship set is a journey—taking people from one concept to the next. You can leverage your music to set up an idea or to punctuate a point.

By intentionally designing your music or worship set, you can engage people in a deeper, more meaningful way. It might go without saying, but this typically leads to deeper engagement.

That’s probably just a start. We all desire for our churches to engage in worship.

What else have you done to encourage worship engagement? I’d love to know so we can improve, too!  

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