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Checklist: Your Worship Emergency Stash Bag

You never know what will break or vanish in a church environment, especially if you’re in a mobile church that sets up each week in a school or other public place. Having a stash of cords and gadgets saved me several times when I worked at a church plant.

At my first music director job, I quickly learned I always needed to have a few items with me. The church owned property with a house that we used for offices and rehearsals. Church services were held across the street in a public elementary school. I bought a black satchel that I took back and forth. My stash bag contained a few essential items I needed at each location, like a keyboard pedal and guitar cords.

Your stash bag should contain emergency items, too. One Sunday morning our drum sticks were missing. The drummer didn’t have any extras. Suddenly, our guitarist miraculously pulled a pair of sticks out of his stash bag, averting certain disaster!

This week, start shopping for useful items to keep in your own worship stash bag. My rule of thumb for a stash bag is: What small items should I carry that would make a big impact if I didn’t have them (like drum sticks!)? Here are a few suggestions for your stash:

  • drum sticks
  • batteries (for handheld mics, etc.)
  • guitar cable
  • guitar strings
  • guitar picks
  • keyboard pedal
  • surge protector with several outlets
  • small extension cord
  • 3-prong to 2-prong adapter
  • direct box
  • duct tape
  • pens and markers
  • multi-tool knife (with screwdrivers, scissors, etc.)
  • extra power cord for keyboard or other electronic instrument

Bottom Line: In a mobile church, have your own worship stash bag so you’re always prepared for an emergency.