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The Key to Marketing in a Digital World

In ages past, we have chiseled stories in rock and printed articles on the latest news. And those times of print are by and far almost gone.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love tactile journals and books, as they have a certain special place in my heart. While at the same time, I am all-in on the digital world. In that place, one might soon discover that there is so much noise it’s hard to be heard.

So, how do we as the body of Christ stand out amidst the chatter that is going on online?

I think it starts with being real. We all have our unique passions and funny idiosyncrasies that people will connect with even if we might not feel like they will.

As soon as we let down our guard and share from the heart, we’ll feel free to share on social media or our websites with greater confidence. That confidence can lead to greater content. That content can lead to conversation. That conversation can lead to community. And that community can connect people with Jesus.

It is so evident that marketing Jesus is truly about making him famous—letting His love shine above all else.

Now, the way in which we re-present (hyphen is on purpose) Him could vary greatly in our ministries. Some might make amazing videos of present-day situations to connect people with a core value of the church. Others might have a thrilling short-form blog post story series to portray vision for their mission’s team.

By and large, digital marketing can liberate us to think differently, to even think digitally.

We can watch as sex slavery begins to diminish, prayer is made as we talk with others online and music that changes peoples’ minds about God is released, all because we market digitally.

How do you market in a digital world?  

This article is slightly adapted version of the original, which appeared here.