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3 Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier in 2015

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Marva Dawn once said that technology has a vocation, i.e., a calling. We can use or abuse that calling. The Internet, for example, has a humanizing purpose—and when I am Skyping with my family far away, I realize it. Likewise, today’s iPhone and Android apps are game-changers for many of us.

Three have helped me fulfill my own calling as a worship leader, and they may help you as well. Here are my suggested “Game-Changer” apps for worship leaders for 2015.


Voxer is a “walkie-talkie” app that allows you to leave messages for others, communicating asynchronously (meaning you don’t have to be “on” at the same time as the other person).

You can set up group Voxers, having voice conversations back and forth, which I’ve done for our local worship leaders, etc.

In other words, you can send a message, or respond, when you are in the headspace and have time.

Personally, I hate phones, and the way my brain works (I’m only productive in high-focus, non-distracted environments) asynchronous communications work infinitely better for me (audio messages, email, etc.). Voxer has provided a much-needed communication solution for me.

I listen to Voxers in the car, while doing dishes, etc. I suggest keeping them between one to two minutes max as a norm, but allowing for 10 to 15 minute ones for heart-to-hearts (it works better than a meeting in many cases).


Omnifocus is task-management software that works on your phone.

I’m a highly right-brained leader, and my task list is ever falling out of mind. Few things have worked for me over the years.

However, I engaged the GTD (Getting Things Done) System a few years ago, and its principles worked for me (though I’ve fallen off the wagon 10s of times).

The Omnifocus App works on GTD principles, and I’m actually getting things done. The app only works in tandem with the Omnifocus desktop software, as I recall, so that is an expense.

For me, it’s been worth it. I feel somewhat organized, and I don’t forget tasks anymore.

There is also a workaround for you to upload each new task via Siri on iPhone, so I never miss a trick.


Evernote is called a “modern workspace.” For me, it’s a place where I can create a Note, then add text, audio, images or anything to it.

I under-use Evernote (Michael Hyatt has the scoop on making it your go-to for many things), but it works magic for me when I’m preparing a sermon (I either audio-type ideas as they come to me during the week in a Note, or there is an Audio function and I record short ideas).

When it comes time to “create that message” or “design that booklet,” I just go to the Note on my iPhone and take it all in. Then, I get to work with it all fresh in my mind.


If technology does have a vocation, as Dawn suggests, I hope some of these apps can serve you in your high calling in 2015.

Cheers to a new year of devotion to Jesus, faithfulness in the little things and intentional Kingdom living.


Question: Has one of these apps proven effective for you, or do you have other suggested apps that have ‘eased’ your life?