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7 Ridiculously Common Mistakes Churches Make on Social Media

Aren’t authentic

Your church doesn’t want to see a wrinkle free botox version of your church. Be an authentic expression of who your church community is. Don’t be a plastic fantastic fake. People see through that a mile off.

Promotions, promotions, promotions!

Step right up, step right up! Come and attend this, buy this. See that. Again, some just see social media as an extension of their church bulletin. It shouldn’t be. Sure, you may have some really important announcements to make, but major on the content your community wants to share rather than what you think is important.

Celebrate their community

Your best social media ‘asset’ is your community. Your church isn’t a building, it’s the people right? It takes people to reach people doesn’t it? Well you can leverage your community to be celebrating them. Their online friends love seeing them celebrated. Imagine if your church logo was next to it? Think about your families, volunteers, the causes and the activities they undertake. Here is a brilliant strategy to leverage your community to supercharge your social media.

Your turn

How is your church doing? Do you resemble any of these remarks? Your official church social media feeds are the only ones that need help. Church leaders also need some personal branding advice for social media too. Check out these 12 social media tips for church leaders.