How to Heal a Wound That Won’t Heal

How does He do that?

Healing Begins When Secrecy Ends

The last person you should be dishonest with is yourself.  You’re never going to get well until you face your feelings straight on. Psalm 39 talks about the problem of suppressing your feelings. It says:

I kept very quiet, but I became even more upset. I became very angry inside, and as I thought about it, my anger burned. Psalm 39: 2-3

The author’s saying how holding on to hurts is like carrying hot coals in your heart—you’re the one who gets burned. Hidden wounds, when you try to suppress them, don’t heal. They fester. Pushing a hurt aside doesn’t get rid of it. It just makes it worse.

Are You Ready to Be Healed?

If you said yes, then be honest about your pain, your fear, your anger, and your resentment and bitterness over what people did to you. You start by revealing your hurts to three different people:

  1. Be honest with yourself. You have to own up to “This hurts! I’m ashamed of this, or I still hurt over this.”
  2. Be honest with God. You say, “God, this is how I feel!” and you vent, let it all out. God can handle that. He already knows how you hurt because He saw it when you were hurt. God’s not surprised when you’re honest about the pain and shame in your life. He already knows, cares and loves you.
  3. Be honest with your accountability partner. There’s something healing about revealing your feeling to someone you trust. When you suppress it, you’re only hurting yourself. You’re never going to get well until you reveal your hurts.

Are you ready for your hidden wounds to heal?  

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The Reverend Clarence E. Stowers, Jr. was born on December 2, 1966 to Dr. Clarence (deceased) and Margaret Stowers, Sr. in Evanston, Illinois. He began his spiritual pilgrimage at Mars Hill under the leadership of Dr. Clarence E. Stowers, Sr. He accepted his call to preach the gospel in 1991 and was licensed and ordained at Mars Hill.