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Why You May Need to Update Your Church Website Right Now

Google updated its search engine recently. Reports say that it is the biggest update in recent times. Many commentators are calling this update #mobilegeddon. Why did they update it and why should it matter to you as a leader in a church?

Good question.

Google has been tracking the rise of its users on the Internet using their smart phones and tablets (you may even be reading this on yours right now). They have decided that more users are now using the Internet on their phones than ever before, and therefore they are changing how they are ranking websites’ search results (yes, even yours) according to how mobile-friendly they are.

What does that mean for your church website?

It means if your church website isn’t mobile friendly then your search ranking will fall. That means people who are searching out churches in your area will find other churches first if they are more mobile friendly than your church website.

Is that incentive enough for you?

My team and I measure all our church website traffic and know that at least on average 50 percent of our traffic is new people visiting it for the first time. Many are coming through search engines like Google.

Your site is probably like ours. Many people are checking you out. Potential first time visitors.

Ask yourself this question, what happens when they don’t see our church website next time in the search engine results?

Can you imagine the urgent response you would make if visitors couldn’t find their way into your physical location. You would move heaven and earth to make it as easy as possible. It’s the same for online. Make it as easy as possible for potential visitors to discover your church in the search ranking.

Remember your church website is the virtual front door to your church.

So where should you start?

Firstly, check to see if your church website is actually mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are called responsively designed websites (read more about them here, it includes some beautiful examples). If your site doesn’t change its shape when in a mobile phone then you are not mobile friendly.

Uh oh.

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