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4 Ways to Ignite a Corporate Worship Revolution

One of the many variations of the definitions of corporate is: “pertaining to a united group assembled for a greater good.” When we worship, we are focusing our hearts on God. When we are in corporate worship, we should be focusing our hearts on God alongside other believers. There is something powerful, even miraculous, about believers united together to worship God.

So what can we do to make certain we are truly committed to corporate worship? How can we turn the focus away from ourselves and toward God? Consider the following four simple items of action and accountability.

1. I will attend worship services.

It’s just that simple. It’s amazing how we do something when it becomes our priority. Some of you may have neglected the priority of corporate worship. Anything and everything becomes an excuse not to attend. See what happens when sports, entertainment and vacations have a lower priority than corporate worship. See what happens when you make a firm commitment to God that you will attend weekly worship services.

2. I will pray before I attend worship services.

Sometimes I might pray the night before. On other occasions, I might pray the morning of worship services. I will pray for my own attitude of worship. I will pray for God to speak to me in the worship services. I will pray for others who are in the worship services. I will pray for my family that we will not have conflicts and get frustrated before we attend.

3. I will pray as I enter the worship center or sanctuary.

Once again, I will pray for my own heart and attitude. Again, I will pray for fellow believers who are worshipping God with me. I will pray for unbelievers that they will hear the gospel clearly, and that God’s Spirit will convict them of sin and the need for a Savior. Finally, I will pray for all distractions to be removed that I, as well as others, may be focused on the true worship of God.