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Tithing Is Not TABOO: Generosity Is Better Than Greed

When you obey God’s Word about giving and generosity, you are getting God involved in your life supernaturally. You are never more like Jesus than when you give.

I have never met any person who practiced giving the first 10 percent of their income through their local church that ever regretted it or did not have their needs met in life.

Three Important Things to Remember

1. Pastors need to preach unashamedly and uncompromisingly what the Bible says about tithing and generosity.

When you speak on tithing and generosity, there will always be some who will complain or crank up the rumor mill. But just remember pastor: Many who do so do not give as they should biblically. Many who cause this stir are carnal and do not want to face the reality of their greed. Pastor, you and your family should model giving at least the first 10 percent of all God gives you through your local church and practice generosity beyond that.

2. Laypeople, encourage your pastor to preach on tithing and generosity. 

Lead the way laypeople, encouraging your pastor to preach on tithing and generosity. Encourage and defend him both privately and publicly. Rebuke people who want to criticize him for doing it. People who do not want to hear and be challenged in giving are people who are not practicing giving God’s way.

3. Give freely and live openhandedly.

Be a giver, not a grabber. Live generously, not greedily. Give freely because God gave all He has given to you freely. Live openhandedly, sharing it with your church and other people because none of it is yours anyway. You own nothing; God owns everything. Give it away freely and live your entire life openhandedly. By the way, even when you die, leave at least the first 10 percent of all God had given you in your life and legacy to your local church. Additionally, practice generosity by giving to your church even beyond the first 10 percent and then to other Christian ministries that are advancing the gospel globally.

We are never more like Jesus than when we give. Allow God to be part of your life in a supernatural way by giving biblically. 

Now is the Time to Lead,   

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Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been a pastor for over 37 years and was recently elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention. His experience, wisdom and passion for God make him a powerful proclaimer of God’s Word. He teaches principles from the Bible that encourage and uplift thousands of people all over the world via TV, Internet, podcasts, radio, speaking engagements and books.