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What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Worshiping This Weekend

It happens. Even believers struggle sometimes with worshiping. Life gets hard. Problems get in the way. We go to church, but leave our heart at home. What should you do if you expect to find worship hard this weekend?

1. Be honest with God. He already knows your struggle. He’s big enough to handle your questions … and even your complaints. Admit your battle to worship even as you go to the worship service.

2. Don’t back away from the people of God. Avoiding church is not the answer when we don’t feel like worshiping. That disobedience will only compound the problem.

3. Evaluate your own life. Sometimes our own sin is the problem. If you know that sin’s in the way of your worship, confess it. Get real with yourself and with God.

4. Confess your feelings to somebody. We’ve all been where you are today. Find somebody who can pray with you from experience—and out of a position of victory.

5. Remember that God’s carried you through in the past. You, too, have probably been here before. The same God that restored your worship in the past can do it again.

6. Ask God to give you a new song, and patiently trust Him to do it. That’s what David did in Psalm 40:1-3. Follow his lead.

7. Think future tense. Worship is tougher when we’re focused on present-tense difficulties. Don’t ignore your struggles, but keep in mind that God’s already on the other side of them. He—and His people—win the war.

8. Quietly let others worship around you. This idea is tied to #2 above. Join with the people of God, and let them worship on your behalf. As they experience God, you might surprisingly want to join them.

9. Do love for God even if you don’t feel love. Love is intentional obedience, even when our heart is in a wrestling match. Sing the worship songs anyway. Listen for a single word from God in the sermon. Let your heart catch up with your head.

10. Thank God for worship. Even if you don’t fully experience God this weekend in worship, be sure to thank Him for the opportunity you have to gather with His people and focus on Him. Billions of people will have no such opportunity.

What other suggestions would you add to this list?