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5 Ways to Manage the Details of Team Administration

Team Administration

No matter the size of your church or worship team, you will have administrative tasks that require diligence. In my book The Six Hats of the Worship Leader, I make the argument that the job of being a worship leader is beyond being in front of people as you lead them in music. You all know this. However, how do you deal with the details and still remain an artist? This where the hat of the administrator must either be worn, shared or given away. It is the task that requires hidden work, but has visible results. Imagine if no one shows up for rehearsal. No one gets the calls or emails you make, but the consequences are obvious to all.

The biggest advice here is that administration is all about priorities. One does not get more organized by having a clean desk. We are successful when the right things are performed at the right time. Here are five tips to help you solve the dilemma of details for the worship leader.

TEAM: Who is on your team and how are they doing? One of the most important things is to be in contact with your team on a regular basis. With busy schedules, this might mean a quick coffee every quarter, or a monthly phone call. Social media can work well to keep in touch on a more systematic basis. Are you praying for your team? Do they enjoy access to you? If there are major life issues going on, they should not be surprises to you. Good administration means you plan and schedule the relational contact.

TOOLS: In order to manage details, why reinvent the wheel? There are tools such as Planning Center and WorshipPlanning.com that aid in keeping order of services, schedules and your resources organized. This is giving the hat away a bit to a machine, which in this case, I recommend. Basically, developing a system is beyond a software package, however. What meetings are in place that decide the particulars? Do you stand in the hallway with the pastor or is there an intentional time to plan? The tool of meetings and decision points is often undervalued and we all pay the price for it when neglected.

TECH: What technology do you need to run a worship team? And, what gear is due to be replaced or repaired? You have slides, videos, music files, recording gear and who knows what. The key here is to establish a strategy with your tech. Is it just a cool thing to get a new guitar pedal, or is there an intentionality in the sound you are attempting to get out of your worship team? Technology forces us to say this: “Just because you can, does not mean you should.” Audio/visual, lighting as well as iOS tech enables people to do some cool stuff. However, what is the end result? You will be more organized and less distracted about your tech if you think through your technology from the start.

TIME: How will I manage time? Time management, like all administrative tasks, is simply about priorities being lifted to their proper place. In a given week, there will be demands on your time. You have the team, the tools and the tech in your mind and now you are paralyzed by seeing the weekly worship freight train come 52 weekends a year. Do not fret. This is where you draw out the priorities, with your leaders and team in mind, and simply do the important things first. I know, this sounds too simple. But it is that simple. Distraction is not a problem when you already have the most important things in motion.

TRAINING: What have I read lately about leading worship? Yes, training yourself is the work of becoming a leader. You cannot take others where you have not been willing to go yourself. Your team and your church and your pastor are blessed by having a leader in their midst who can bring the newest information, the freshest materials and the best thinking about worship to them. This might mean taking a trip to a conference, having coffee with others who can inspire you and reading.

You can wear a hat, share a hat or give a hat away. If administration is not your cup of tea, humbly employing others around you to help might be the ticket for you!