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4 Ways to Move Your Team From Good to Excellent

3. Grow as passionate worshipers of God

Two of the main ways we do this are through are attitudes and actions:

a) Attitude is everything: We need check our hearts and spirits and come to worship God with great attitudes. The biblical attitudes of worship are: thankfulness, honesty, reverence, faith, humility, joy and with our whole heart (The Attitudes of Worship). If we come with those attitudes, God is pleased and something powerful happens in our worship time.

b) Actions speak so loud: People will believe your actions before they believe your words or the lyrics of the song you sing. I believe we should use biblical actions as our standard for worship: Throughout the Bible, the people of God have worshiped Him through singing, playing instruments, lifting of hands, clapping, shouting, dancing, bowing down, standing and giving (their whole lives) (The Actions Of Worship). Let us never be content to do things the way we have always done them. Let us raise our worship to the standard of God’s word. 

4. Work on becoming excellent singers and musicians

There are four main ways that we can do that:

a) We work hard: Becoming excellent at anything takes hard work. If you are not willing to become disciplined and put in the time and energy, you will not improve.  

b) We are faithful: Teams only improve by consistently working together. We need faithful people who will go the extra mile to be on time and be faithful to their responsibilities.

c) We accept correction: We can all improve and we all have blind spots. Each of us needs people and leaders who can challenge us and speak the truth in love.

d) We keep learning and growing: None of us have arrived. There are always new things to learn and areas to improve in. If you are not growing, you are growing stale. We all need to be pushed beyond our comfort zones to new levels of excellence.

What area is God speaking to you about? Where do you need to move from good to excellent as an individual and as a team? May we never be satisfied with just going through the motions. May we always be passionate worshipers and lovers of God.

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