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3 Things Worship Leaders Must Consider for the Upcoming Year


What sort of worship expression is lacking in your place? If you serve in a overly demonstrative church (hands raised, shouting, applause, etc.) what are some ways you can add more quiet, thoughtful elements into your service? If you’re at a fairly subdued church, how can you lead people into appreciating all the biblical expressions of praise?

People are content to do what they do. They need an influence in worship who can model and teach them when it comes to what worship looks and sounds like.


I know, I know—I’m like a broken record, but I really believe that churches should write original songs. Make some time to think about how original worship songs might come to life in your congregation. Maybe you’re not a writer, but perhaps someone on your team has that ability. Look for ways to “mark” moments in the life of your church with songs.

And don’t be afraid of writing terrible songs—focus on two elements and the songs will do their job. (BE BIBLICAL & BE SINGABLE)


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