What Does a Worship Leader Do?

what does a worship leader do

People often don’t understand what goes into their Sunday morning worship each week. What does a worship leader do the rest of the week? I was recently asked to describe my weekly schedule. Here is what works for me.

I normally work at the church three days a week and at home for three days. I usually write detailed charts for the band and vocals which can also include string and brass parts, so I spend a good six to 10 hours per week charting music. I am also an early riser so I usually start at 5 a.m. I know that doesn’t work for most music guys but I would love to see how this schedule lines up with other worship pastors.

What Does a Worship Leader Do?

Monday: 5 AM – 3 PM – Home (seven to eight hours)
Normal activities include: Bible Reading, prayer, chart writing, reading, recruiting & scheduling musicians (email, texting and PlanningCenter.com), downloading and editing tracks & music charts, researching new songs and sending out a detailed email for that week’s rehearsal.

Tuesday: 5 AM – 7:30 AM – Home 
8:30 AM – 3 PM Church (seven to eight hours)
Normal activities include: Bible reading, prayer, reading, preparation, set-up and leading worship at mid-week church services, administration (paying bills), staff meeting and staff prayer.

Wednesday: 5 AM – 3 PM – Home (seven to eight hours)
Normal activities include: Bible reading, prayer, song & lyric writing, personal worship, practicing for Thursday rehearsal, repair and upgrade of church equipment, scheduling musicians, reviewing long-term schedules and events, reading, chart writing, contacting next week’s worship leader and editing the worship list.

Thursday: 5 AM – 11 AM – Home
1 PM – 9:30 PM Church (nine to 11 hours)
Normal activities include: Bible reading, prayer, review of all vocal and instrumental parts for evening rehearsal, personal rehearsal, worship auditions, staff report, meeting with the lead pastor, editing lyrics with the media person, reviewing the sound and set-up with the soundman, clean-up & set-up of the stage for rehearsal, auditions, evening rehearsal and training musicians, singers and worship leaders.

Friday: 7 AM – 9 AM – Home
11 AM – 3 PM (four to five hours)
Normal activities include: Bible reading, prayer, reading, memorizing music for Sunday, finalizing songs and musicians for the following week and start writing charts for next week.

Saturday: Day off 
Normal activities: Bible reading, prayer, personal worship with the songs for Sunday.

Sunday: 5 AM – 6:30 AM – Home
7 AM – 2 PM – Church
5:30 PM – 8 PM – Church (10-12 hours)
Normal activities: Bible reading, prayer, set-up and practice with musicians, three Sunday services, social time with musicians & congregational members, review of services with worship leaders and musicians.

Total Hours – Church & Home: (46-54 hours)

Other activities which happen periodically include: Preparation for speaking and writing, special music and scripts for Christmas, Easter and special events. Organizing and leading music for evenings of prayer and other meetings. Attending conferences. Going for coffee/meals with various worship team, congregants and pastoral members. Meeting with regional worship leaders. Counselling. Teaching other worship pastors through webinars and blogging. Recording.

So: what does a worship leader do? Music pastors: What does your schedule look like?


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