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7 Ways To Create a Powerful Worship Set List


Speaking of keys, make sure you are not singing too high or too low for the congregation. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, I will play the song in a different key than the song is recorded in. Most people just can’t sing as high and low as some of the amazing worship artists these days. Make it easy on your crowd.

According to Worship Together, you should keep the lowest note of any song above a Bb and the highest note below an Eb. I personally stay even lower than this when a song hangs at the higher range for a long time. I can hit a D in passing, but my voice starts to go if I’m hitting a D for half the song! And I’m sure my non-singing friends in the audience don’t fair much better.

What Is Worship Deeper?


Let’s face it. As worship leaders, we sometimes like to get up there, do our worship set and be done. But remember—that’s only half your job!

Leave room for the Holy Spirit in your worship sets. Don’t be so married to your worship set list that God can’t get you to add a spontaneous song or even repeat a chorus!

Don’t be afraid to go off script and let God take over. That’s what worship leading is all about. A great set list is just a starting point. Let God work through it.


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