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3 Ways To Be a Worship Leader OFF Stage

Second, I try to be at events that our church puts on that have nothing to do with Austin Stone Worship. For instance, last year our kids ministry put on an event called “The Daddy Daughter Dance.” I made every excuse not to go. (I would love to take my daughter out on a date any day of the week. I would do it right now if I could, but at that time I just didn’t want to do it.) I tried to make up every excuse not to go. Well, I ended up going and had a great time with my daughter. What I noticed was that it connected me with other men in our church. It connected me with other men that were there with their daughters at the dance. What that did was allowed them to see me in an element outside of leading them in worship. We had conversation and I built relationships just because of that one event. So, if there are any events that your church puts on, try to be there and get to know your people outside of something you’re having to lead at or oversee.

The third thing that has helped me is having people over for dinner. This week we’re going to have a couple of families over, have the food, drinks and desserts they love, all planned with intentionality. We want to get to know them. We’re strategically planning the night at our house and setting it up in a way that allows us to get to know them better and them to get to know us better.

The fourth thing I would say about how to be a worship leader off stage is, pray with your people. Any chance you get, pray with your people. If that’s going down front after service, over coffee, stop and say, “Let me pray for you.” I believe all these things are very important and very vital for us as worship leaders because it allows us to lead without a guitar on our back and a microphone in front of our face. It takes us from just being a worship leader, to being a pastor.


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