Training and Education Must Be Part of Your Strategy


It honestly amazes me how many people still tend to forget that part of the strategy in terms of moving an organization forward technologically must be education and training.

In fact, for many organizations it’ll be the most significant part, requiring the most time, attention, and focus.

Most organizations have one or two people that “get it”; all the rest need to be trained and/or educated. The problem is in the obvious tension and lack of understanding: Grace, mercy, and a whole lot of patience is required to fill the obvious gap.

We may not “fire” people explicitly when the proverbial light bulb goes off in our heads, but we do it with our attitude and actions.

If your strategy doesn’t include training and continuing education then you’d better get started.   

John, a web developer by trade, gifting, opportunity, and choice, has been “doing” online for more than 14 years, first for numerous Fortune 50 businesses and now as the Creative Web Director for North Point Ministries. A social computing strategist and technologist, he enjoys challenging and encouraging others to see how web technology is changing how we do ministry. He blogs frequently at and and finds Twitter (@human3rror) both a fun little nuisance and vehicle for connection.
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