Using Facebook Advertisements to Fill the Pews

Have you used Facebook ads for your ministry and/or non-profit? How did it go? Was it actually worth the time and investment?

I’ve used it a few times for various properties and I’ll admit that the return was quite limited. But here’s a story and example of how it was used well and had a healthy “return.”

The advertisement for some Christmas productions were shown nearly one million times, clicked 600 times, and cost $475 dollars. 144 tickets were reserved from the productions and one of the families is now active in the local church’s small group.

Sounds like a “win,” right? What’s your take?

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by John Saddington and
John, a web developer by trade, gifting, opportunity, and choice, has been “doing” online for more than 14 years, first for numerous Fortune 50 businesses and now as the Creative Web Director for North Point Ministries. A social computing strategist and technologist, he enjoys challenging and encouraging others to see how web technology is changing how we do ministry. He blogs frequently at and and finds Twitter (@human3rror) both a fun little nuisance and vehicle for connection.
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