Want a Free Church Website? Just Comment to Get One!


Apparently it’ll just take a comment (or two?) to get your hands on an older version of a church plant’s website that they are giving away for free!

Too good to be true?


From Tim’s Blog:

Our old site is a great website, but not for what we needed it to do for us… and we know that for some church out there it would be a perfect fit.

So, that’s why I am excited to let you know that in partnership with Monk Development/Ekklesia360, we’re going to give our old website away to a church plant.

If you are a church plant that needs to establish a solid web presence and don’t have the resources or finances to make it happen, this is an opportunity for you to get a solid web design and 1 year of support and hosting with the Ekklesia360 Content Management System.

Go get ‘em. Love the heart behind this. Donation-ware is sometimes all you need!

[HT: Goodmanson]




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