Vimeo Adds Robust Statistics to Videos, Becomes Even More Awesome

Wow. This couldn’t be better!

Available to Plus Members, you can track plays, loads, finishes, comments and even more on your videos.

Geolocation? Embeds? Yes, you can count those too. I’m honestly really impressed. Check out this video overview:

Plus Stats: Advanced Statistics for Vimeo Plus from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

And here’s a look at one of my videos:

I feel this is even more of a reason to use Vimeo for your organization.

Hey YouTube, do you have something like this?


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by John Saddington and
John, a web developer by trade, gifting, opportunity, and choice, has been “doing” online for more than 14 years, first for numerous Fortune 50 businesses and now as the Creative Web Director for North Point Ministries. A social computing strategist and technologist, he enjoys challenging and encouraging others to see how web technology is changing how we do ministry. He blogs frequently at and and finds Twitter (@human3rror) both a fun little nuisance and vehicle for connection.
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