Practicing the Presence of an iPhone

It’s presence is always with us. When It speaks, we listen; when It calls, we answer. It’s slightest movements or vibrations call us to attention. Not an hour goes by that we do not look full in It’s radiant face. It is our ever-present companion. When It is not with us, we sense the loss, experience the emptiness. We turn to It for direction, for companionship, for guidance, information, and inspiration. In a spare moment between appointments, we wander to It like a moth to a flame. We can’t get enough of It. All our life is wrapped up in It. We are in It, and It is in us. And so we bear much fruit.

The fruit is an Apple. “It” is…an iPhone. And we are good at “practicing it’s presence”.

What does it mean to practice the presence of God? Perhaps the practice is not so foreign to us; maybe we can apply the habits we already have acquired with our phones…and then learn some new ones besides…like the habits of silence and solitude, which might mean occasionally ignoring our phones altogether.  

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Glenn Packiam
Glenn Packiam is one of the associate senior pastors at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the lead pastor of New Life Downtown, a congregation of New Life Church. Glenn earned a Doctorate in Theology and Ministry from Durham University in the UK. He also holds BA in Theological/Historical Studies and Masters in Management from Oral Roberts University, and a Graduate Certificate in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Glenn and his wife, Holly, have four children.