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The Whittakers, Soul City Church, And My Walk To The Zoo

We have a church.
Soul City Church.

It was instrumental in bringing a transformational mindset into my family and marriage.  We would sit on Jarrett and Jeanne’s sofa for hours and weeks and months talking about how to live out this new way of thinking about church and the Gospel.

Last November I wrote this about our hearts for the city and living downtown and ministering 7 days a week. The good news is that we are still doing that. That bad news is that it won’t be in Chicago.

To keep it short…
The Whittakers are in a season of life that looks somewhat similar to a tornado. Yes we are tornado chasers. You know that and we know that.

But after this summer we took a good hard look at our family, marriage, kids, and life and decided that it would not be in the best interest of our ethos to move to Chicago right now.  Financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally it would be inching us closer to an unhealthy place than we feel comfortable inching towards. Notice I left Spiritually off that list. That is because what I experienced in those months together with our Soul City Church family here in Atlanta grew me more spiritually than I have grown in years.  Lots of years.  This is where our decision sucks.  We were being shepherded by 2 of the greatest pastors we have ever known.

Chicago has NO idea what they have just acquired in The Stevens Clan. So this is where our spirits are heavy.  To lose that spiritual community is tough. So we are pulling in tight to get that back.

So where are we? I’ve been all over this summer. Our family based out of California from May until last week. Just because I was touring so much. Now we have come back to Atlanta and moved from the burbs to DOWNTOWN Atlanta. Grant Park.  I Can walk to the zoo and to Turner Field.  I had more neighbors welcome us in one day than in 2 years in East Cobb. It’s just the way of these urban trekkers.

It.  Is.  Awesome.

So we shall bloom here for the time being. Please keep Soul City Church in your prayers as God is OBVIOUSLY listening. The amount of favor He is showing that community is AMAZING. From their new worship gathering space to the people He is sending.

Keep praying so He can keep listening…

So Atlanta…The Whittakers are back. You will see me around Buckhead, Crossroads, West Ridge and the like…
And the fact that there is a bus stop right outside my house is music to my ears.
Thanks for praying for our journey!!!!!!!