A Evangelism Checklist for Social Media Ministry

We have all felt guilty siting on Sunday morning when the subject moves to evangelism. It is tough and it hits all of our pressure points – fear, insecurity, and pride to name a few.

Nonetheless, we are called to it in every aspect of our lives. Even online.

Here are five practical ways to share Christ in your daily, digital, world.

1. Claim Christ in Your Bio

What we say, and what we don’t say can have a profound impact on what we feel comfortable talking about in social media.

Personally, I found it difficult to share on Christian topics when I was not claiming my faith in my bio. When I didn’t claim Him, I didn’t feel open to talking about Him. Once I made this jump, I was free and clear to share my faith openly.

2. Reach Out to Those in Need

What is the difference between a hungry man on the street and casual tweet for help? Other than the visual, not much.

We absolutely must have our eyes open to the signs around us. Simply telling someone that you care, or that you are praying for them, can be the little bit of encouragement they need to carry them through the day.

3. Pray for the Hurting

Daily tragedies and frustrations are vented. Deaths, personal disasters, relationship problems, etc are announced online. Have you ever taken a moment to prayer for these seemingly random strangers? Stop for a moment and read through your Twitter feed or your Facebook news feed.

I bet you can easily find a few people to pray for. Maybe this practice can become a regular part of your daily tweeting activity.

4. Help those Who Ask

Our personal social networks have given us a great place to go when we need answers. Our friends ask for advice, reviews and recommendations regularly.

Taking a few seconds to respond can be a great way to build a relationship and emotional connection with someone. Developing relationships will lead to faith sharing opportunities.

5. Sow Where You Can

There are many out there who are doing the things on this list and they are making a difference for the kingdom. We should be willing to give, even just a bit, to these personal ministries that promote the Good works and the Good news of the gospel.

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