The Stars of Talk Radio

Hey. So the boys and I have been cooking up a little rock band in a shed in our metaphorical backyard. The earlier versions of this little chemistry project we called Dreamseed. We made a record called Closer to human. Click on the image below to hear the sounds on iTunes. We liked Dreamseed and played some of it’s tunes in a few places… including Fuel Festival in Northern Ireland and opening for Bear Grylls in Florida (band vs wild). And almost for Cindy Crawford in Malibu… but that’s another story.

But Dreamseed felt too much like the progeny of folk loving hippy parents from Topanga Canyon. While we love hippies from Topanga canyon – especially The Weepies. We realized that we aren’t hippies. In fact, what we really love to do is rock as hard as we can – and laugh. We like laughing a lot. And so we’ve embarked on a new little sonic experiment. The goal: to make every single song in our set as fun and as loud as we can make it. In the spirit of our little experiment and with more than a little tongue in cheek we have dubbed ourselves ‘The Stars of Talk Radio’. Right now I’m listening to the mastered version of our first bona fide tune ‘Picking up his gun’. Howie Weinberg mastered it – he of White Stripes ‘Blue Orchid’ fame. Hopefully in the next few months you will be able to sample and buy it online. In the mean time we will be cooking up more explosive rock out in the wilds. Our plan is to take our worship friends and fans out to the clubs, pubs and music venues of the towns and churches we play in, in an effort to bring a little saltiness and a little light into the world. If any of you are interested in The Stars of Talk Radio and would like to help us if we ever play in your town, we would be more than delighted. We need a street team like Popeye needs Olive Oil. Hope you enjoy Dreamseed’s swansong….

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Brenton Brown has written some of the best-loved worship songs in the world today, including “Everlasting God,” “Lord Reign in Me,” “All Who Are Thirsty,” and “Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing).” He currently has five songs in CCLI’s Top 100. Originally from South Africa, Brenton came to the U.K. in 1996 and joined Vineyard Church as a worship leader. He would eventually lead the development of the Vineyard worship movement, which has grown to impact the Church worldwide.  Now based in California with his wife Jude, Brenton has a worldwide ministry in leading worship, songwriting and speaking. Explore Brenton’s music and learn more about him at