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Newspapers Solve Problems That No Longer Exist

You’ve heard about it for months, and it’s finally here. SoChurch is officially alive.

I’m optimistic about the possibilities and timing of this product. If you know anything  about me, you know I never use my blog to talk about something I don’t genuinely believe in. I genuinely believe in this. Last week I jumped on the SoChurch blog to talk about a few reasons why.

Our eyes are wide open to the reality that people are looking for and sharing content in new ways. If we’re not committed and responsive to that, we might as well have a tea party with our stuffed animals (and the rest of our imaginary friends). Now, before you’re tempted to dismiss me for getting too dramatic with that analogy–here’s a real-life quote that’s just as dramatic:

Newspapers solve problems that no longer exist.” via Macrowikinomics: Rebooting business and the world.

In order to accomplish what’s essential, we are willing to redirect energy from some of the things we’re accustomed to into new areas of growth. And, one of the biggest themes driving our focus for 2011 is: SHARE THE STORY EXPERIENCE.

Our job isn’t to create more information, but to make it easy for people to find, contribute to and share good information that’s already out there. So, instead of adding more controlled, corporate-scrubbed content to our website, we will be scrubbing our website to champion major communication channels that intersect and join people together with the web parts and relationships already part of their daily life.