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4 Marketing Strategies for Your Ministry

Marketing is an interesting concept within (and without) the walls of the church – we don’t like to call it “marketing” but that’s what is functionally happening.

Once you get over the hump of semantics and cultural interpretations you move to a place that gives you freedom to execute, which is always a good spot. Here are 4 general marketing strategies that you should consider this year in your efforts to grow your ministry, both spiritually and numerically:

1. Get Online

As funny as this sounds some of the most basic needs that a ministry has today from a marketing perspective is the simple fact that they don’t have a website, period.

I live in a world and within a number of networks/circles where everyone has a website but that is not normative at all! I have to remember this constantly.

2. Email Still Works

Email marketing is still a powerhouse in terms of getting people information and getting them to respond to “calls to action.”

Perhaps a marketing strategy this year for your ministry is to simply invest in a better email software system. Think about it, do some research, and then go for it.

3. Conferences, Local Gatherings

Flesh-and-blood gatherings, conferences, and local meetups still are the heart and soul of who we are as a body of believers. Get your congregation or paid staff out to these events and do some good old-fashioned networking.

Seriously. You know it works so make it so!

4. Worth of Mouth

This is the “new” kid on the block for a number of organizations and yet it’s not new in form, just name. We call it ‘word of mouth’ marketing but it’s simply using your current (and passionate) userbase to share with more people about your ministry.
Mobilization and empowering your people and congregation can require a systematic approach (and strategy). Jump on it!