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Wish You Had CliffsNotes for Less Clutter. Less Noise. Book? I Gotz Em…

The group blog project over at OurChurchDotCom is complete and I’ve gathered up all the links in one place just to make your life easier. You’re welcome.

The real mad props go to Paul Steinbrueck for the idea and the effort to pull it together. Paul, you rock.

  1. Myth: You are in control.
  2. Myth: The more choices, the better.
  3. Myth: Advertising creates interest.
  4. Myth: It worked before, so it will work again.
  5. Myth: People care about what you have to say.
  6. Know your audience.
  7. Remove barriers to entry.
  8. Reduce the noise.
  9. Tell one story at a time.
  10. Untangle the web.
  11. Rewrite your job description.
  12. Ask, don’t tell.
  13. Find the yes behind the no.
  14. Bring the glue.
  15. Getting from here to there.

Special thanks to the 15 authors who took the time to abstract each chapter: Ed Cyzewski , Brian Beatty , Rick Phillips, Amber Hill, Thomas Irby, Kenny Jahng, Jeff Christian, Steven Fogg, Gabe Taviano, Adam Hann, Lee Ann Berthiaume, Russell Martin, Sarah Holbrook, Jennifer Armitage and Lisa Hamilton. Way to lead. Way to serve. Way to share.