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Is the Church Obsessed with ‘Next’?

We live in a technological world where “next” is not what’s next but what is, completely from every angle imaginable. It what makes the news – in fact, it is the news.

We’re interested in what’s coming down the pipe and not so much interested in the small changes that may, in fact, make some of the biggest differences:

The tech world is obsessed with what’s next. It has become so used to the constant flow of new products and new companies that newness itself has been placed on a pedestal.

I’m subject to this pull as much as the next person.

What I love about the Church though is that we intimately know that we, as a people, are as much of what we can be as who we have been historically. It’s a blessing to have such a firm foundation in immovable truths!

I love technology but I will never love it as much as I love the Church, who is both the next and the has-been all-in-one, and that’s a good thing.