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I Struggle With Social Media (And Hope You Do Too)

I struggle to do social media well. I hope you struggle too.

If you struggle with it that means you really care about understanding this new medium.

It also means you’re trying and you want succeed even if you’re not entirely sure all the ways to define success.

It means you recognize that you’ve failed somewhere along the way but you keep doing it anyway.

It means you don’t assume social media has stopped evolving and you therefore always have more to learn.

It means you expect you’re going to mess something up again but it’s a risk you’re willing to take.

It means you understand this is not the Internet as it used to be, marketing as it used to be, or advertising as it used to be. It’s something different and still relatively new.

It means you’re not afraid to ask for help and not afraid to give help when asked.

I know I struggle with social media.

I hope you do too.